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Royal Garden Hotel is located in the downtown area (Meijing Avenue) of Dalang,Dongguan which is one of the most dynamic economic city of China.It located in the songshan lake,Songshan Lake Vanke Plaza south 2000 meters.There are many famous scenery around hotel,such as Songshan lake,Songshan Flower Sea ,Zhuangyuanbi park, Yuehehu Park,Dreamful Ocean of Flowers,Taoyuan Garden,ect.You can cycling,fishing and Agritainment in Tongsha park.Hotel closing to wanke life square, Star Cinema,coffee house ,chafing dish,buffet,tea restaurant and characteristics snacks,ect.Offering create, play, eat, drink, live music in one-stop holiday service to you.

Songshan Lake Songshan Lake
  • Songshan Lake

    Healthy, happy tour around the lake. Enjoy Songshan Lake 42 kilometers of international cycling track, along the way to enjoy the mountains, flowers, far away from the city hustle and bustle, listen to pure, harmonious sound. From hotel to songshan lake only need 5 to 10 minute if you by bus.
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Shopping center
  • Songhu life Vanke Plaza

    Songhu life Vanke Plaza is the open neighbourhood commercial center which sets shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment, communication and cultural function in one, came to the Songshan Lake, let here life more colourful. There can enjoy shopping, leisure, entertainment and fun, but also with the sun, cool breeze, green plants, such an open, free, interactive, fashion business experience.Royal Garden Hotel is 3 kilometers away from Songhu life Vanke Plaza, 5 minutes drive.
  • New century long Sheng square

    New century long Sheng square is the south in Dongguan largest commercial center, with food courts, large-scale theme malls, shopping and leisure walk street, Tianyu Hotel, Tianyu opera and other projects, set style diet, leisure and entertainment, fashion shopping, senior commercial, cultural and recreational sports in one.Royal Garden Hotel walk to New century long Sheng square only need 5 to 10 minutes.
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Golf Golf
  • Golf

    Royal Garden Hotel near the distribution of six new golf course, Mission Hills Golf Course, Jin Hong golf course, Hillview golf course, CITIC golf course, foreign Yinli golf course, Harbour Plaza golf course,and it is only need 25 minutes from hotel to Jin Hong golf, CITIC golf.
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Various Flower Continent Various Flower Continent
  • Various Flower Continent

    Various Flower Continent is a flower theme park, Mainly include the Luo Man garden, rose romance, nearly one million roses elegant "Peony", nearly a million flower romantic stunning "Rose Garden", the colorful colourful flowers in the world, butterflies dancing "Butterfly Valley" and the vivid "flower Ruyi gate", "the Dutch windmill", "flower Wonderland", bridges, and other landscape sketch. The distance of hotel to Various Flower Continent only 7 kilometers.If you drive to there it will only take 17 minutes.The via bus is 827 Road and K2 Road.
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Sunshine Beach Sunshine Beach
  • Sunshine Beach

    After arrive sunshine beach, you can go to the beach to play, have a boat trips in the water park, or holding a BBQ party. You can enjoy the Sunshine beach fun aslo can appreciate dynamic Park leisure view ,so it is tourists love classic play attractions. The distance of hotel to Sunshine Beach only 7.2 kilometers,if you drive to there it will only take 15 minutes.
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Songshan Flower Sea Songshan Flower Sea
  • Songshan Flower Sea

    Songshan Flower Sea is about 9 kilometers, green area of about 1000000 square meters. Combined with the natural landform of valleys and islands and along the lake shore and on an island off the coast of planted peach, plum, cherry, crape myrtle, sweet scented osmanthus, Begonia, lotus and other all kinds of ornamental plants nearly 150000 plants, is a gathering Southern beauty, It will be the beautiful scenery line for you. Royal Garden Hotel is 10 kilometers away from the Songshan Flower Sea, 16 minutes drive, the way bus 1 road, 818 Road ,Dalang.
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Lixiang Wetland Park Lixiang Wetland Park
  • Lixiang Wetland Park

    Lixiang Wetland Park have litchi orchard, longan garden, playground, barbecue field, is a collection of ornamental, leisure, entertainment, consumption in one, the economic and ecological functions of the coexistence,.It is a agricultural ecological garden gather the rural characteristics and the characteristics of the modern city.Royal Garden Hotel according to season launch "litchi picking", "longan picking" activities. Royal Garden Hotel is 3 kilometers away from Lixiang Wetland Park, 7 minutes drive, the way bus 15 road, Dalang.
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No.769 Meijing Zhong Road,Dalang town,Dongguan city,Guangdong province,China
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