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International conference hall

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  • Location: First floor
  • Area: 1080m²
The height of 7.8 meters, the available area of 1080 square meters of column free international banquet hall can easily undertake thousand scale conference hall overall tone in the traditional red and gold, the pattern of open, elegant decoration, can be divided into two different sizes of single banquet hall, independent entrance channel and convenient cloth in advance with a large field, more of the dressing room, waiting room, and can be customized to meet the different stage, the events custom needs.
  • Capacity
  • Facilities and Services
Classroom Theatre Banquet Reception UType Boardroom Hollow Fishbone
600 1000 540 / / 450 450 /
Length & Width(m*m) Height(m) Size(m²) Door Length & Width(m*m) Natural Light Floor
39*27.7 7.8 1080 / / First floor
Audio and Video Facilities
  • ·Recorder
  • ·Stage light
  • ·Projecter
  • ·Projecter screen
  • ·Light control
  • ·Microphone, wired
  • ·Multi-channel switch
  • ·Microphone, wireless
  • ·Laser pointer
Office Equipments
  • ·Flipchart
  • ·Whiteboard
  • ·Platform
  • ·Wired Internet
  • ·Interphone
  • ·Wireless Internet
  • ·Copier
  • ·Printer
  • ·Fax
  • ·Telephone
Other Services
  • ·Writing material
  • ·Banner
  • ·Tea-break
  • ·Car-rental


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